Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rep Paul Ryan is the Biggest Douche in the Universe

First, he looks like a douche. Second, he speaks to the camera like he's talking to a 4 year old. Third, his frightening and confused look create the appearance of a drug addicted perveyor of very very illegal pornography.

I'm quite serious about all this. We immediately broke out in stitches when his image hit the screen and then got really scared. The pomade hair doo, the HUGE frightened and frightening eyes, the gaunt appearance and complexion and his child chasing demeanor. SCARY!!! Then, as he 'tawked to us wike we were stiwl in owah wittel chairs and had no idear what he might be saying', I became angry and moved my children into a safe room away from his prying eyes. I'm not a child nor is anyone else watching the Republican Response to the State of the Union Address here in 2011. Don't talk down to ME you douche bag and stop assuming your audience is so retarded we need to be spoken to like school children.

As for the content of his response, it appears Obama again was 1 step ahead of the republicans. Everything, every single point, had already been addressed in the State of the Union and NOTHING Ryan had to say contradicted or added to what Obama had just presented. It was childish name calling by a man who had run out of names to call. "He's a bad man because he's a BAD man and my father told me so and we should all hate him and not do what he says and do something else." That my friends literally sums up all of the Republican Response to tonight's State of the Union address.

If you're lucky enough to be seeing the Tea Party response instead, that at least will be original!! Angry, hateful, non-productive with hints of "you really should kill some more people" in it...but original!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Republicans are Lying, Racist Classists

That about sums it up. OH where can I start? I guess I'll start by saying I'm angry that the Bush Era ushered in tax breaks for the wealthy but what alarmed me the most was how easily the chasm which was our separation of church and state was closed at the same time. By Executive Order (bypassing any participation in our Democracy), President George W. Bush ended our separation of church and state and allowed Federal funding to pour into faith based initiatives...ANY initiatives! Weeks later, the youth of our nation was being taught NOT to use condoms but rather to simply abstain from sex altogether. Since then, teenage pregnancy has skyrocketed (it's common to see daycare services in High School now!) and 1/3 of gay black men in the US now have HIV and don't even known it. That's OK though, because they're black and gay...right? Today, the line between church and state has grown so thin that people running for office are actually rewriting the constitution and asking "Where is it written in the Constitution that there must be a separation of church and state?" That actually happened on national TV this year during a televised debate. Republican Christine O'Donnell challenged her Democratic rival, Chris Coons, to show where the Constitution requires separation of church and state, drawing swift criticism from her opponent, laughter from her law school audience and a quick defense from prominent conservatives.

Yes, Sarah Palin ran to her defense asking where can we find that phrase? Of course that precise phrase cannot be found but the actual words of our Constitution "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." pretty much speaks for itself.

Sarah Palin is perhaps the dumbest woman in American politics at the present time. She's a blight on feminism and she's dragging down every woman in America with her. She has single handedly set back the cause of woman's rights by decades. While she works diligently to fund faith based initiatives that allow ONLY for abstinence as birth control, she's got herself a pregnant teenage daughter. This shouldn't surprise us...that apple didn't fall far from the tree. Now should some very poor teenage girl in the south of our nation find herself in the same situation want to have an abortion, she can't! There are fewer than 800 clinics in the NATION now and doctors are leaving the practice in droves, fearing for their lives. Conservative judges and juries have opened the door for pro-life activists to terrorize abortion clinics with impunity. Sarah Palin has stated publicly that she'd oppose abortion even if her own daughter were raped! Food for thought...

The most depressing development in my life is the birth and prevalence of the Tea Party under the guidance of the dumbest woman in American politics...Sarah Palin. Did anyone actually hear her resignation speech? How can any intelligent, sane person take her seriously??? It's mind boggling!!! To watch her actively supporting other bone-headed boobs like Christine O'Donnell pains me. To date, almost all of the Tea Party activists have revealed the same qualities...ignorance and stupidity. Yet they're winning in the polls all over America. Where they are not, self-described "more moderate" conservative elements of the Republican party are winning but they're just the same wolves in sheep disguises.

It's all the same thing. If you believe the Republicans, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't politically motivated or wars for oil but rather a war on terrorism! To date there's been one successful attack on the US. Yes, it was horrific and defies explanation to this day, but it was ONE incident without repeat. I don't think the initial attack on the Afghanistan training camps was ill advised but it should have been coordinated so as to capture Osama Bin Laden at exactly the same time. That would have ended all this nonsense right away. But NO! George W. Bush stood in front of America and LIED and LIED and LIED until he got congressional approval to send our young men and women into harm's way in Afghanistan AND Iraq and they've been there ever since...fighting a war we will never win with military might. It is Vietnam again and it's ending just like Vietnam...again because no one listened to the intelligent people on the ground, they listened to the stupid, liar, conservative, republican government.

Then came the tax breaks for the wealthy. Tax breaks due to expire this year but even the Democrats are having problems letting go because the middle class will see a small tax hike too and they can't get the Republicans to come along and let the rich people pay more taxes while keeping the taxes on the middle class down! WHY?! Because they're all rich, lying, racists classists!! Rich people are supposed to get tax breaks so they get more money. The more money they get, the more it "trickles down" to us little people. The trickle down theory was debunked in the 80s. Keynesian economics requires Investment (i) for capitalism to function properly but there is no Investment in American any more! There's only investment in stocks...making the rich richer...and their taxes on those investments are drying up, causing the National Debt to soar because the rich aren't paying their dues and instead expect the middle class to burden the entire debt at the same time they're losing all their jobs because the rich aren't investing in new companies and JOBS for the middle class! No, rich people are like some kind of sick club now. It's a game to see who can gather the most amount of cash in their own coffers and screw the little people in the process. To rub salt in the wound, the rich are now demanding the government provide NO assistance whatsoever to citizens or new companies in an effort to revive the economy. "Let the marketplace take care of it". Well we saw how well that worked, didn't we? We let the financial markets run unregulated for over 10 years and they bankrupted the planet with corruption and LIES! LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!!

The final straw on the proverbial camel came in the form of one Juan Williams - an NPR employee. He recently made a verbal gaffe (having made a career of similar statements), insinuating the mere appearance of someone being an Arab made him nervous if he had to ride on a plane with that same person. So NPR fired him. Then Sarah Palin and the Republicans and the Tea Party all screamed FOUL and demanded the Federal Government stop funding NPR...but the very next day their media mouthpiece, Fox News, hired that very same Juan Williams where he will appear on air with such conservative heroes as Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.

This is the country I live in now. Tomorrow is Election Day and it is expected the country I live in will be completely taken over by these lying, racists, classist scumbags and there's not a damned thing I can do about it because the majority of America is going in the same direction. Sadly they do it blindly, without realizing soon they will be listening their heroes from under a bridge, living in cardboard boxes with their wives and children...all because they believed a bunch of lying thieves were going to take care of them and their families and accomplish this by ending taxes on the wealthy, ending all federally funded social support networks and ending all investment in new companies and infrastructure growth.

America is truly doomed.